Customers preparing foodCORREE:

CORREE stands for Community, Organization, Responsibility, Recreation, Education and Employment. CORREE is a program that consists of entry level classes and activities to increase social skills, time management, personal presentation, community inclusion, and independent living skill development!

CORREE is a program that consists of entry level prevocational classes such as time management, personal presentation, and social skills. Additionally, it addresses community inclusion and independent living skill development.

In order to join CORREE classes you must participate in an information intake with Jean Harris, (517)-999-7517.

WOW Classes

WOW is a part of Disability Network Capital Area’s CORREE program and is designed to assist people with disabilities to enter the world of work! WOW includes: independent living assessments, transferable skills class, travel training, employment preparation, job coaching, communication skills in the work place, on the job evaluations and the GOALden program.