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June 24, 2022: Inclusion

June is Pride Month and we thought to recognize the struggles of all of our fellow siblings with disabilities, our focus this month is the issue of inclusion. Inclusion is a universal human right for all people. DNCAP supports individuals with disabilities and their families who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Our office affirms an atmosphere of acceptance, dignity, and respect.

Serving people with equal opportunity is a primary goal of DNCAP. How can we serve one marginalized group while excluding another? We take a great deal of pride in serving all persons with disabilities.

DNCAP services come without discrimination to people of all kinds. We strive to serve all persons with a disability. We will not make you prove your disability. If you have a disability, we are here to help you.

We like to use the phrase, “Nothing about us, without us.” This motto speaks to our mission and values. Everyone should be included in the decisions that affect them. It is a value that we hang our hats on.

No one will ever be turned away for who they are, their identity, or their beliefs. We are all seen as equals in the right to assistance. We aim to provide our services fully in the spirit of equality.

We must all continue to support each other. We are all fighting for a common goal. We must stick together. We must not fight each other based on other aspects of each other’s identities. Instead, we should help each other through thick and thin.

DNCAP always has, and always will, provide its services without discrimination of any kind. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and we cannot do that if we do not provide equal treatment to all who come through our doors.


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