Free Smoke Alarms and Assistive Technology

MI Prevention Logo

DNCAP has teamed up with MI Prevention to help provide individuals with disabilities with life-saving smoke detectors and assistive technology devices. Strobe lights, bed shakers, and Google Nest devices are available at no cost. These devices connect to a standard smoke detector and alert people who are deaf/hard of hearing when the alarm sounds. This fire safety equipment is free, and you can even get help with installation!

For more information visit the MI Prevention website or contact Maria Paton-Glassbrook at 517-388-7562 or emailĀ [email protected].

Image of a strobe smoke alarm
Example of a strobe smoke alarm that flashes brightly to alert individuals of a potential fire.
Image of a bed shaker smoke alarm
Example of a bed shaker smoke alarm that rouses an individual from sleep when there is a potential fire.
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