Everyone goes through transitions in their life. Whether it’s transitioning from school to work, from a nursing facility to the community, or adjusting to a new disability, we can help guide you.

  • Community based living options
  • School services support and guidance

Nursing Facility Transition (NFT)

consumer now living independently The NFT program is designed for individuals who are in nursing facilities and have the desire to live independently in the community. In order for someone to qualify for this program, the person must have Medicaid, a disability, and a means to support themselves. Once a person is approved for the program, the NFT staff will work with the individual to develop a personalized transition plan. Each individual has different needs and desires, and services vary from person to person.

Examples of services NFT staff may assist with include connecting individuals to accessible and affordable housing, obtaining furniture and household items, applying for meals on wheels, Bridge card, home help, visiting physician, and a payee service if the participant wishes.

NFT staff encourages participants of the program to get involved in community activities and groups to reconnect with their community. In addition, there is a six month follow along period for individuals who have transitioned from a nursing facility to the community. This period is intended to assist with issues that may arise.


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