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September 17, 2021

Brandon Taylor

Young, tall man with short brown hair, and light beard, wearing a black DNCAP jacket and khaki pants.
Brandon Taylor

Brandon Taylor is an Independent Living & Employment Training Specialist and he has been at DNCAP for a little over two years now. His main responsibilities are working with youth and adults on developing independent living and employment related skills. He graduated from Corunna High School in 2014 and Baker College of Owosso in 2019 with his Bachelors in Human Services. He is a massive Michigan State Athletics Fans and tries to catch as many games as he can! GO GREEN!!!




August 27, 2021

Taylor Phillips

Taylor Phillips and Husband: A black and white photo of a young couple outdoors. She is a young woman with dark hair in a winter coat and he has dark hair and beard with glasses and a winter coat
Taylor Phillips and her Husband

Taylor is one of our Independent Living Specialists, and Employment Specialists. She specializes in facilitating our in building programming. In her free time she enjoys going to her church and spending time with her animals. She has goats and a miniature donkey!




August 20, 2021

David Pons

David Pons and his Wife. A white man wearing a blue shirt and a woman wearing a yellow shirt sitting together on a cream colored couch
David Pons and his Wife

Peer Support Specialist David Pons graduated from Siena Heights with a BA in Restaurant Management. He is an avid University of Michigan football fan . David has been married for 11 years to his wife (in pic).Here at DNCAP he teaches independent living skills with classes in cooking, gardening, social connections, music appreciation, and book club.


August 13, 2021

Mark Pierce

DNCAP Executive Director Mark Pierce
DNCAP Executive Director Mark Pierce

Mark Pierce has been the Executive Director of Disability Network Capital Area for over seven years and is a veteran of the armed forces.  He has been happily married for over 38 years to Regina who is also a veteran.  Regina and Mark have four children and seven grandchildren.  They love the Lansing area for its diversity and multi-cultural events. Regina and Mark enjoy travelling and entertaining family and friends.  He really loves working with staff at DNCAP because they are the best at advocating and serving people with disabilities.  He appreciates the opportunity to serve beside staff to assist people with disabilities to achieve their goals.  DNCAP has 26 staff members serving Eaton, Ingham, Shiawassee, and Clinton counties.







August 6, 2021

Laurie Parker

Laurie Parker, a woman with shorter blonde hair, and glasses
Laurie Parker

Laurie Parker has worked for DNCAP for nearly 14 years and has been associated with the Center for more than 20 years. She has held a variety of positions during her tenure with DNCAP and is currently the Human Resources Manager. Her primary responsibilities are all things personnel, managing our database and tech, and internal policies. Prior to obtaining her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Michigan State University, she worked in business and banking for 20 years. She is a native of the Lansing area but has lived from coast to coast, north to south. She is married to her high school sweetheart, plays tenor saxophone in community bands and is the mom to many “furchildren”.


July 30, 2021

Diana Maddox

Portrait of Diana Maddox, a white woman with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a white sweater and silver earrings.
Diana Maddox

Diana Maddox has worked at DNCAP for 10+ years and is the Resource Development Manager.  Her main job duties include grant writing and reporting outcomes to our funders. She is a fully licensed Masters of Social Work and has worked for Community Mental Health and the State of Michigan. She grew up on the west side of Michigan and is proud to say “Go Green!” (Webmaster Reply: Go White!)



July 16, 2021

Gill LeMonde

Gill LeMonde- a man with long grey hair pulled back, with a purple polo shirt, seated in his office.
Gill LeMonde

Gill is a veteran having served 20 years in the Navy.  He came to DNCAP about three and a half years ago under the Veteran Readiness and Employment program through the VA.

Two and a half years ago he was offered employment as the Spectran Eligibility Specialist in a part-time position. He is currently employed in a full-time position providing certification for clients with disabilities to be able to ride the Spectran vehicles, providing them a means to improve their overall quality of life and mobility.



July 9, 2021

MiKayla (Kayla) Zentz

MiKayla Zentz, a young blonde woman with a nosering and pastel blue shirt
MiKayla (Kayla) Zentz

Hi, I’m Kayla and I’m super excited to be joining the Disability Network team! I have a background in behavioral therapy and I’m working on my MSW. My goal is to help as many people as possible and to make a difference in people’s lives. So I’d say Disability Network is the perfect place to be!





June 25, 2021

Bri Ryder

Bri Ryder, a young white woman with long brown hair wearing a denim jacket in her car.
Bri Ryder

This week’s featured staff member is Bri Ryder. She is an Independent Living and Employment Training Specialist here at Disability Network Capital Area. She considers herself to have been blessed to be apart of the team for three years. She provides a variety of services to our youth and adults and work closely with Michigan Rehabilitation Services.





June 18, 2021

Tommy Bowie

Tommy Bowie, a black man with graying hair and beard with glasses
Tommy Bowie

Tommy has been with Disability Network Work since September of 2016.  After completing a Veterans training  program he united with the organization as an employee.  Since being employed with DNCAP he has gone on to earn a BA in Sociology 09/19 from Ashford University.  Currently he is enrolled at the University of Arizona Global Campus in the Master’s program  (Human Services).  He is a Vietnam Era Veteran who first enrolled into college in 1971. After raising 5 children earning, a degree from college is an accomplishment he cherishes  deeply and he is looking forward to climbing greater heights.


June 11, 2021

John Wilson

John Wilson, A man with short light-brown hair and glasses
John Wilson

My name is John Wilson, and I am excited to be coming on board with the Disability Network. I just recently excepted the position of Community Transition Services Navigator. Most of my career has been in healthcare and service. I have worked in the field of clinical dialysis for the last nineteen years and other multiple service areas. I am a new BSW graduate from Spring Arbor University. My wife and I live in the Lansing area and have been blessed with two wonderful children. I enjoy family, music, and cooking. I am a MSU fan just to spite my wife , who is a Michigan fan. I am looking forward to meeting and working with everyone and learning new ways the serve.

June 4, 2021

Ludie Jones

On June 19 Ludie will be celebrating one year with Disability Network Capital Area. She was thrilled to be offered the position as Employment Specialist/Job Developer, as she has previous experience in this area, and is very passionate about serving people. In her free time she enjoys serving God, spending time with her children, traveling and making new memories. She is very passionate about the community and the people within it. Her and her children spend a lot of time volunteering, feeding the homeless, and raising funds to assist the under privilege in their time of need.

Ludie Jones, a short haired black woman pictured with her CPR and first aid training equipment
Ludie Jones

Ludie is looking forward to what’s to come in the future as the Disability network is growing and she is growing personally. She recently became a certified CPR and first aid instructor and currently own and operate Heart to Serve and Save first aid and CPR.

Ludie lives by the mantra, “Treat people the was you wanna be treated, it’s a blessing to be a blessing, focus on the good in every situation, and in everybody, as growth comes from struggles and hard times”.


May 28, 2021

Rachel Burdette-Comer

Rachel Burdette-Comer with her dog Frankie. Rachel is a white woman with bright red hair, she is with her dog Frankie and they are seated and surrounded by hearts.
Rachel Burdette-Comer with her dog Frankie

Say Hi to Rachel Burdette-Comer!  Rachel has been with Disability Network Capital Area for 8 years!  She recently transitioned into a new role as an Independent Living & Employment Specialist for Adult Services back in March 2021.  She was recently accepted into the accelerated master’s in social work program at Spring Arbor University and will begin in July 2021.  Rachel graduated from Spring Arbor University with her bachelor’s in social work degree back in November 2020.  When she is not at work, she loves to spend time with her husband, family, friends, and her dog Frankie.  Pictured is Rachel with dog Frankie.

May 21, 2021

Maria Paton-Glassbrook

Maria Paton-Glassbrook, A portrait of a young woman with light brown long hair with bangs
Maria Paton-Glassbrook

Maria Paton-Glassbrook (she, her) began her role as Community Resilience Coordinator at Disability Network Capital Area (DNCAP) in early January of 2021. Having worked in human services for eight years, she noticed a severe deficit in considerations for people with disabilities and was excited to discover the new emergency preparedness program at DNCAP. Advocacy is her passion, and she is energized to utilize her skills in emergency preparedness and safety planning for communities throughout Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, and Shiawassee counties. So far, she appreciates getting to know her new co-workers and the organizational focus on person-centered programs and services. Maria also serves as a medical advocate for local organization End Violent Encounters (EVE, Inc.) and is secretary of the board of the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing. She enjoys skating with the East Lansing Roller Derby team and can’t help but spoil her adorable cats, Juniper and Mr. Fig.

May 14, 2021

Doreen Patino

Portrait of Doreen Patino, a thin woman with brown hair and glasses, smiling.
Doreen Patino

Doreen started working at Disability Network on January 19th, 2021. She has been an active advocate for the disability community for over 30 years. She has mentored parents and families, cared for children with disabilities while she was the owner of a licensed family childcare business and childcare provider for over 16 years, been a parent advocate and collaborated with her local school systems administration and with the ISD early on programs in her community, and volunteered at her local school district in the classroom. Doreen has been in the customer service field for over 35 years. She was in the banking industry as a customer service representative for 16 years, a mortgage loan officer assistant for 5 years and was a solutions specialist in the credit repair industry for 10 years. Doreen enjoys spending time with her family and their dogs, volunteering, and gardening.


May 7, 2021

Travis L. Poland

Portrait of an individual with extremeley short brown hair, a beard, and glasses
Travis L. Poland

Travis L. Poland is another of the newer employees here at DNCAP, having started in early January. Travis is one of DNCAP’s Benefits Planners, helping our consumers with Social Security, Medicare, and more. Travis also is part of the social media team, designed and built the DNCAP website, and is responsible for much of DNCAP’s communication efforts. Travis has a Master’s degree from Michigan State University in Health and Risk Communication. In their spare time Travis likes to travel with their wife and play with their three cats and two dogs. Travis is also a 40-year cystic fibrosis survivor, having received a double-lung transplant just short of five years ago. Travis is excited to be working for DNCAP, as their goal in life has always been to help others with disabilities like Travis has faced himself.


April 30, 2021

Jessica Beckman

Jessica Beckman: a DNCAP staff member with white skin and long brunette hair
Jessica Beckman

Jessica Beckman is one of DNCAP’s newer employees, starting this past January. She is our Nursing Facility Transition Program Administrative Assistant and Housing Information & Referral Specialist. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and also teaches yoga and meditation. She was drawn to working for DNCAP having lived experience of growing up with a a sibling with a disability, which gave her the desire to work in human services. For fun she likes to garden, hike, do wood carving and burning, and photography. So far, she is enjoying her time at DNCAP, saying “The mission and integrity of the company, including the staff, has been inspiring and comforting”. We enjoy having Jessica on the team as well, and are happy to have her!

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