The Disability Network Capital Area is a 501(c)(3) organization, originally formed under the name of Handicapper Advocacy Alliance Inc.

Our current funding efforts are:

  • Federal and State monies to support our core services
  • Contractual agreements with other agencies
  • Grants from corporations and foundations
  • Annual fund raising activities
  • Donations

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Disability Network Capital Area’s Donor Tree Campaign

Disability Network Capital Area’s New Home

It is all about choices. This is our response when asked to define independent living. The right to decide where to live, to work or go to school, to be part of the community…The experience of a disability does not diminish a person’s ability to have control and make choices over their lives.

Disability Network Capital Area joined the Greater Lansing community in 1976.  We help people learn new skills and connect individuals with community services. Services are provided at no direct cost to the individual.

As an agency, we identified a strategic goal of owning our building; a place that showcased accessibility and challenged us to do more. The year 2018 was our time.

DNCAP Headquarters

We are in the heart of Baker-Donora neighborhood and the renovated building expands our ability to serve individuals and the community. Everyone has been so welcoming.

Good planning also meant having a financial sustainability plan. People with disabilities are one of the fastest growing populations. We have experienced an increase in helping high school youth explore employment and seniors experiencing life changing medical conditions. Being good stewards of our mission, we launched a donor tree campaign.

Made in Michigan by a Michigan Veteran

Donor trees are a highly visible way to recognize financial contributions. Trees represent life; and leaves reflect the personal stories of individuals, families and businesses. We are not on this journey alone.

Charles Pruden, a Gulf War veteran with a disability; agreed to carve the trunk and branches for the donor tree. The cherry wood is from his property in Northern Michigan.

The Making of the Donor Tree
The Making of the Donor Tree by Charles Pruden

The tree is mounted in our Community Room; a highly utilized and visible space. The tree is approximately 5’ x 7’. It will be wondrous to watch the tree grow as new leaves are added.

As a friend, neighbor, or colleague we invite you to join us in this project. All funds raised will support programming for people with disabilities. We have made so much progress, but the work is far from complete. Part of our mission is ensuring everyone can make choices; with no one left behind.

Warm Regards,

Mark A. Pierce, Executive Director


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