Information & Referral

Knowing what resources are available in your community and knowing how to navigate through them can seem overwhelming. Disability Network Capital Area assists with connecting individuals and families to these resources. This is accomplished through directly providing the service and/or through linking to other service providers. Whether it’s figuring out transportation, housing, or financial supports, we are here to help!

  • Housing: Subsidized, barrier free and home modifications
  • Transportation: In and out of County options
  • Emergency services and supports
  • Assistive Technology: How and where to obtain
  • Social Security and other public benefit programs

Benefits Planning

Our Social Security Benefits Specialist can help individuals understand how working will affect a variety of benefits, such as SSDI, SSI, Medicaid, Medicare part A, B and D, housing subsidies, MI Bridges and more. Benefits Counselors can help you to identify if there are risks by providing you with accurate information which will help you make an informed financial decision.

Disability Network Capital Area is an MI Bridges Community Navigation Partner. We have staff members trained to directly assist individuals with applying for Department of Health & Human Services using MI Bridges for the following:

  • Food Assistance
  • Cash Assistance
  • State Disability Assistance
  • Child Development and Care Assistance
  • Energy and Non-Energy State Emergency Relief

In addition to applying for benefits, Disability Network Capital Area can also help you with accessing MI Bridges to:

  • Track status of applications
  • Report changes
  • Upload verification documents
  • View upcoming appointments with caseworker
  • See correspondence from MDHHS
  • Access information about benefit status
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